About BarryBandit


BarryBandit is a hiphop artist from Norway, Bergen-Oslo. His lyrics are all written and performed in english. BarryBandit writes songs about everything from politics, poverty and philosophy to humour and sarcasm. The music style (if you have to categorize, that is) is mainly rap / hiphop. But BarryBandit takes the music further than that! He mix in accustic and melodic fragments from all kinds of genres like jazz, rock, folk, country etc.
You can probably say that his music is variates in sound and style. This is maybe because BarryBandit makes music out of an idea to always make a certain mood or vibe, and this particular feeling is never the same from one song to another.

“It’s all about creating a special feeling right?”– BarryBandit

BarryBandit often collaborate with his guitarist, Jostein Berge. They make a really good team when they make a new song. For example “All a dream” and “Lazing in the shade”.
All BarryBandit songs are recorded at tomtom studio.

– BdotB Records

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