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BarryBandit’s Music /catalog / discography:
All tracks/songs are recorded by tomtom studio. Executive produced by BarryBandit.
All rights reserved BdotB Records Norway / BarryBandit © 2013. All inquiries regarding usage or rights of this music should be directed to / BarryBandit.


” The Process EP 2013″


– Track 1: “Back to the Basics”
(Produced and recorded by tomtom, Torfinn Wang appears playing bassguitar).
– Track 2: “No regret” feat DoubleD (Produced and recorded by tomtom)

Released 19th July 2013

Have a good one!
PS: For promotional abuse only!

” Get away ” single 2012
New single out now, BarryBandit featuring AnnieM – ” Get away”.

Song is produced by HarryWest & Beats in the Bank and recorded at tomtom studio.

Released feb 2012

Enjoy the song people!


” The night is young” – single
summer 2011

BarryBandit featuring AnnieM – “The night is young”. The track is produced by HarryWest – Beats in the Bank. The song is recorded and mixed by tomtom studio.
Released 3rd August 2011.

It’s a funky pieace of music! Check it out PRONTO!


” About that time” EP’ 2011!

In February 2011 BarryBandit released another free distribution-online download CD @ this very site and many more, including Spotify, iTunes etc. Why? Because BarryBandit had an idea, and it was about that time to put it out there, never too late, never too early.
<– Press picture to view front & back cover.

This “CD” includes 5 tracks. The artist featured on the intro has been replaced, instead of  “Chuck the Bartender”, you’ll now meet “Lee the A’n’R”. The music or the songs are really different from before.

BarryBandit was blessed with quite a few featured artists this time – DoubleD, Myrna Braza, Jostein Berge, Area and Lee.
There’s a few lines / quotes in the lyrics which refers to RudeRen – all questions regarding RudeRen should be directed to Sams.B –
BarryBandit has experimented with different genres and styles, and the outcome is really amazing!

Stream and listen to the songs here:

Track 1: “ Intro “ featuring Myrna Braza (produced by Beats in the Bank)
Track 2: “ Light your lighter “ featuring Myrna Braza (produced by Beats in the Bank)
Track 3: “ Drifting away ” featuring Jostein Berge (produced by tomtom & Jostein Berge)
Track 4: “ Past and future ” featuring DoubleD and Area (produced by Beats in the Bank)
Track 5: “ Stress and the city ” featuring DoubleD (Produced by tomtom)

You can buy and download the EP` to your iTunes by clicking here, OR you can download the Mp3 files by buying / downloading them from amazon, click here.


Older publications by BdotB Records & BarryBandit:

“Go to sleep in Rio, Wake up in Tokyo”

BarryBandit “Go to sleep in Rio, Wake up in Tokyo” was released 13.March 2010. It’s a download-CD, only distributed online. It includes 5 tracks. All tracks are recorded and mixed by tomtom at tomtom studio in Bergen, Norway. Track 2, 3 and 4 are produced by HarryWest. All guitar riffs are played by Jostein Berge. Track 5 is produced by tomtom.
The TeeProduction rapper; Son of Light appears in a collaboration with BarryBandit on the ghospel-sounding song called “Amen”. Chuck H alias Mr. Bartender is featured on the first track “Intro” as always. The redline throughout this CD is a global perspective. People travel far and fast, from one part of the world to the next in a few hours. This phenomenon has both negative and positive sides. BarryBandit studies some of them both throughout this CD.

Stream and listen to the songs here:

01. Intro featuring Chuck H
02. Amen featuring Son of Light (Produced by Beats in the Bank)
03. Tokyo Street (Produced by Beats in the Bank)
04. 9 O`clock News (Produced by tomtom & Jostein Berge)
05. Arms Wide Open (Produced by tomtom & Jostein Berge


“Decisions Collisions”

About “Decisions Collisions”: This CD was released 16.July 2009 by BarryBandit and the BdotB Label. It was the first publication by the label . The album includes 9 tracks including an intro-track. DoubleD and Tordis appears separate as guests (track 2, 6, 7). Track # 2 “Vibe with me” is originally a Jan Eggum song called “Heksedans”, but has been remixed into a BarryBandit track with Jan Eggum’s approval. The album was released as an internet download-album as well as a physical CD, 1000 copies. All for free. The album is recorded by tomtom and executive produced by BarryBandit. Jostein Berge does all of the guitar compositions, and most of the acoustic parts, on the songs in collaboration with BarryBandit. Featured producers contributing on this album: Gino G’Bless, Beats in the Bank (HarryWest & I forgot) and tomtom. All lyrics written by BarryBandit (- collabos with Jostein Berge).

This album is no longer available for download / streaming.

01. ” Intro” feat. Chuck H
02. ” Vibe with me ” feat. DoubleD (produced by Beats in the Bank)
03. ” Senorita ” (produced by Beats in the Bank)
04. ” My journey ” feat. Jostein Berge (Produced by BarryBandit & Jostein Berge)
05. ” Hiphop and music ” (Produced by tomtom)
06. ” Rainy days ” feat. Tordis(Produced by HarryWest, BarryBandit & Jostein Berge)
07. ” Tippety bullspit ” feat. DoubleD (produced by G’Bless)
08. ” Lazing in the shade ” feat. Jostein Berge (Produced by BarryBandit & Jostein Berge)
09. ” All a dream ” feat. Jostein Berge (Produced by BarryBandit & Jostein Berge)

Check out BarryBandit at:


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